Pastor’s Thoughts

Rev. Vangie Chavez

Spring is in the air….  

I love Spring. It’s the advent of new birth…everything coming alive, waking up from a cold winter slumber. 

I look out my window these spring days and I am overwhelmed at the beauty of the delicate pink buds coming to life on my redbud tree in the front yard. I just love when that happens.  

Looking around the neighborhood I see purple, red, yellow, and white blooms in a vast array of flowering beauty.  It’s Spring – days are longer and a bit warmer, and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such magnificence of God’s glorious creation and the excitement of new birth. 

Spring has sprung, everything’s coming alive! 

In the midst of the excitement of all this aliveness, there also comes an opportunity to assess the new birth or new growth in our own lives.  Particularly, our spiritual lives and our spiritual condition – our relationship with God 

So, how is your spiritual life? How is your spiritual condition, your relationship with Jesus? Has it been dormant this winter? Does it need to wake up from slumber? Are you experiencing new growth?  

Spring has sprung – wake up, come alive and feel the excitement of new growth, in your life, and with the God who created you and loves you so very much!